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Welcome to HA4K!
Holiday Activities For Kids

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Lion Learners offers fun and educational animal handling experiences in a variety of settings including schools, care homes, after school clubs, parties, libraries and anywhere else you can think of!  We have a wide range of very friendly animals all of which live at home with us as our pets.  They are all happy to be handled by children and adults of all ages whilst they learn more about them. 

JumpingClay, the product, is mess free, non toxic, free from allergens and animal products. No nuts. No wheat. No dairy.  It air dries overnight to a rubbery consistency. Doesn’t crack or crumble even when accidentally dropped. The JumpingClay model making sessions are loved by a wide variety of children.  Many liken it to Lego building with each piece added one step at a time making it easily accessible.  We also encourage personalisation of the models which appear to the more creative children.  We also try to match the model to the age of the children often using current Film releases as inspiration.  Dragons and Kung Fu pandas have been popular in the past as have Super Heroes.  Teaching children how to make their own version of these popular characters is exempt from copyright (but advertising the session using our version of the model isn’t).

Shhhh - Don’t tell the kids but making the models and thinking in 3 dimensions develops new brain connections making science and maths easier in the future.  



Slot Cars R Uz is a Midlands based Entertainment Company, established by husband & wife team Jeff & Cheryl Daniel in 2010.  Our packages are Ideal for inclusion in a pre organised event or for the total management of the entertainment at your event.  Our set up is very flexible indeed.  Fully mobile, we can cater for outdoor as well as indoor events, irrespective of location, size and number of guests.



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial arts & Japanese Ju Jitsu classes are now in Ilkeston! Learn effective self defense, Lose weight, Get Fit & Have Fun!


Ruffle the Rail Dog is an exciting new series of children’s books about an Airedale Terrier and his adventures on a steam railway written and illustrated by local author, Rachel Greaves.  These charming, gentle stories are ideal for under 5s to be read to and then for Key stages 1 and 2 as children become more independent readers.  The series has already proved extremely popular in the short time that they have been self-published with over 9200 books sold since April 2016, some being taken as far away as Australia and America. 

In addition, the stories have been brought to life in a short theatrical storytelling performance as Rachel combines her vast experience of teaching Drama and English with skills from delivering creative workshops for Curve Theatre, Leicester.  Especially suitable for assemblies or similar, children have been mesmerised as they join in with Rachel’s storytelling using puppets and props including ‘Eric’ the station master, a fabulous model train - ‘The Flying Terrier’, and of course Ruffle himself!




There is no such thing as a "typical day" at one of our holiday camps. We have to take into account the weather, the number of children present, the size of room we are in and the facilities available. We do try to have a structure though and we will be happy to take you through our timetable should you wish.

This is an example of the sort of week we put on.

Sign In
8:15am - 9.15am
Registration - Free choice activity stations, light games and movie.
Transition Transition Period - Children will be given a short drinks break and have chance to choose an activity, go to the toilet or have a short rest.
Session 1
9.30am - 10.15am
Football or Gymnastics Drawing Fun or Parachute Games Super Scooting or Tennis Talent Show Rehearsal Fortune Tellers or Handball
Transition Transition period -Children will be given a short drinks break and have chance to choose and activity, go to the toilet or have a short rest.
Session 2
10.30am - 11.20am
Make a Rocket or Uni-Hoc Kwik Cricket or Musical Instrument Making Football or Tag Games Basketball or Mask Making Badminton or Craft
Session 3
11.30am - 12.15pm
Tri - Golf or Dance  Chalk Fun or Football Face Painting or Tennis Table Tennis or Paper Aeroplane Challenge Foam Fencing or Marvelous Mask Making
Lunch Time Lunch time - Children will be supervised over lunch, there will be a movie on for them to enjoy whilst chatting to their new friends. There will also be a quiet area for those that wish to read or relax over this period.
Session 4
1.00pm - 1.45pm
Kickball or Face Painting Athletics or Circle Games Boules and Ultimate Frisbee Movie Club or 4 Square Rounders or Cricket
Transition Transition period - Children will be given a short drinks break and have chance to choose an activity, go to the toilet or have a short rest
Session 5
2.00pm - 2.45pm
Cheerleading or Foam Fencing Dodgeball or Boxing Dancing or Parachute Play Time Talent Show DVD or Tag Games
Session 6
2.45pm - 3.20pm
Dodgeball Games or Craft Inflatable Fun (Bouncy Castle) or Tag Rugby Ballistic Balloon Fun or Cartoon Character Drawings Talent Show Water Fight
Short Day Finish
Extended Day Finish
3.45 - 5pm
Children will take part in light activities and have free choice activities both sporting and crafts as well as a movie. Parents can collect their children at any point within this time frame.