Holiday Activity For Kids

Keeping your kids entertained in the holidays




What times are available?


Short day is from 8:15am - 3:30pm. Long day 8:15am - 5:00pm. Please be aware if you do pay for extended hours your child does not have to start early and end late. Light activities will take place between 8:15am and 9:15am, you are welcome to drop your child off at any time during this session.  Start / finish times can vary at selected venues, please check carefully before booking


Will I receive more information after I have made a booking?


Immediately after booking (unless using childcare vouchers) you will receive an email confirming your booking and what is required from you. If using childcare vouchers, the payement sometimes takes up to two weeks to reach us which could cause a delay in the confirmation Email. your booking will stand but for more information please Email or call 0115 9436210


Where do I drop off/pick up my child at a HA4K camp?


There will be posters and banners showing where registration is but also our welcoming staff will be pointing you in the right direction. Registration will be in the same place every day. Trent College venue is the first right turn after entering the drive and there you can follow the banners. Gotham Primary will be the main school reception. Good Shepherd please use the hall door and Sutton Bonington is the main school reception.


What should my child wear?


Each child should wear appropriate clothing to do some physical activity in and also appropriate for the weather whether that being sun cream or waterproof jacket. Our arts and crafts activities can get messy and we would rather your child's best clothes don't get ruined. Children booking our Sports Plus Football session will be required to bring their own football boots and shin pads.


Do you have drinks breaks?


Yes. Please make sure your child brings plenty of drinks, there will be regular drinks breaks.


Does my child need to bring a packed lunch?


Yes, and also snacks for the breaks if you wish.


Who are your staff?


All our staff come from different backgrounds but all have one thing in common which is offering the BEST activity camps in the East Midlands. Our staff are recruited for their attitude, enthusiasm and dedication to caring for children. Some are teachers and some are training to be teachers. Some are coaches and some are lifeguards. We have lots of returning staff, and lots of people from other activity camps. Naturally they are cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau at the Enhanced Level.


How do I know what my child is doing during the day?


Every single day numerous activities are available. If you wish to find out exactly what your child will be doing on that day please ask the coaches in the morning what options they have available for the day.


Can I get some feedback on my child's day?


Certainly. At the end of each day our staff will be more than happy to talk to you in the collection area and tell you all about how much fun they have had in their group on that day.


What if I want to change my booking?


We understand that in some cases plans can change or you may have made an error on your booking form. Please contact our office on or call 0115 943 6210.


 What can you guarantee me as a Parent/Guardian?


  • Every child day will have a wide variety of games and activities
  • Children will be well supervised
  • Children will make new friends
  • All staff are 100% committed to delivering a enjoyable fun filled week for kids

What are event days?

Often we have 'special guests' visit us on site, offering children slightly different experiences to what we normally provide. Event days are charged at the normal full day price, (no short day price otion) however children can still be collected early if needed.

Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?

You can use childcare vouchers as full or part payment at the majority of our sites. You can book this online. Your booking will save on our system for 7 days until we receive your childcare vouchers. After this date, if we haven't received payment for your booking it will be automatically removed.

We use the childcare voucher companies listed below, but we will always add a new one if you use another provider.

Contact your childcare voucher company to forward the payment to us, quoting your customer or booking ID as a reference. This payment can take up to 7 days to reach us, so in the meantime your booking will remain as a 'provisional' booking. Once we have been notified of your payment we will confirm your booking with an email. If you are unsure how to proceed please call us on 0115 943 6210 and we can run through the process.

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