Holiday Activity For Kids

Keeping your kids entertained in the holidays

Terms & Conditions

When you book with HA4K there’s an agreement between us. These booking conditions and the other information exchanged between us form that agreement, but no amount of words are as effective as a good, open and honest relationship – that’s what we want with you.

Your expectations should be very high, and we’ll always aim to exceed them. If things go wrong for any reason, we’ll work hard to put them right - quickly and effectively. We trust you will be reasonable, honest and fair, and we promise we will be too.


Payment confirms everyone named on the booking form and in addition accepts the booking conditions. Please be advised that payments may appear as 'First Grade Coaching' on your statements.

Please note if you are late picking your child up there will be a fee of £5 every 15 minutes you are late, which will need to be payable on the day. 


Your acknowledgement email confirms what we think you wanted to book. Please check it, including dates and location. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking. Tell us within 14 days if we haven’t confirmed what you expected. We’ll change it if we can, or refund you in full if we can’t. After 14 days normal cancellation and booking amendment terms will apply.

Changing Weeks/Days

We can change your dates, within the same operating season, providing we have spaces and you request your change at least 10 working days before your child starts camp. Prices may have increased, however you will only pay the rate, that the week you want to move to, was at, when you made your original booking. If you have booked a full week, you cannot move individual days to another week unless you upgrade all of your days to Day Passes and pay the appropriate price. Dates cannot be changed once the child has attended their first day, even where the weeks/days are not consecutive or on the same booking.

Changing venue

Due to problems with facilities, on occasions, it may be necessary to move your child to an alternative HA4K site. You will always be notified in advance, if this is the case, should your child be unable to attend the alternative venue, then a full refund will be issued.

Cancellations and Curtailment

Due to the current Coronavirus pandameic, we are offering people the opportunity to move their booking to a future date in the event that children are unable to attend camp. We are unable to issue cash refunds, but you will have 12 months (from the date you were due to attend camp) in which to move to your booking. You must let us know via email within 24 hours (either side) of your planned booking, that your child will be / was absent from camp.

Refunds will ONLY be issued in the event of camps being cancelled by HA4K. No other refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

We will inform parents / guardians at our earliest opportunity if there is to be a change of venue or cancellation.

In order for host sites to run, we require a minimum number of 16 participants to be booked on courses each day, should the number of bookings fall below the minimum required, sites will be cancelled on that day and customers will be offered a refund or a place at an alternative site.

Booking times 

Friday will be a short day only.

For a short day children can be dropped off between 8:00am and 9:00am (times vary at diffrent sites, please check individual site times carefully before confirming your booking) and must be picked up by 3:30pm. For a long day children can be dropped off between 8:00am and 9:00am and must be picked up by 5:00pm

Promotions cannot be used in conjuction with any other promotion that HA4K offer. eg: sibling discount

Childcare Vouchers

You can use childcare vouchers as full or part payment at the majority of our sites. You can book this online. Your booking will save on our system for 7 days until we receive your childcare vouchers. After this date, if we haven't received payment for your booking it will be automatically removed.

We use the childcare voucher companies listed below, but we will always add a new one if you use another provider. Contact your childcare voucher company to forward the payment to us, quoting your customer or booking ID as a reference. This payment can take up to 7 days to reach us, so in the meantime your booking will remain as a 'provisional' booking. Once we have been notified of your payment we will confirm your booking with an email. If you are unsure how to proceed please call us on 0115 943 6210 and we can run through the process.

Our Ofsted Registration number is RP555189


Account Number – 48513273


Carer Registration Number – 0025766168


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Account Number – P21196600

Employers For Childcare

Account name - Holiday Activities For Kids Ltd, DE7 4RB


Account Number - HOL386C


Reference: HO5430

Government Tax Free Childcare

postcode: DE72 3EG


Carer ID – 890533



Account number : TRP0014999

Photography/Video footage

We may take photographs and video footage at camp to use for training and promotional purposes. To exclude your child we must be informed in writing before your child begins at camp.

Health and Safety

In order to maintain appropriate standards of health and safety, children with certain medical or physical conditions may not be allowed to participate in some activities. In such cases we will always provide alternative activities.

Medical Information

If full information about medical or physical conditions, or behavioural matters, is not provided at the time of booking it may result in the child being excluded from certain activities. In such circumstances we may have to cancel the booking and no refund will be paid. All information given will be treated in complete confidence.

Child Protection

HA4K staff have a duty to respond if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse. In this event staff will contact the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and act on their advice.


HA4K does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any person unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its servants, in this event our liability insurance provides cover of up to £5 million.

Personal Property

HA4K will not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any items of personal property brought onto the camp and neither the Customer Protection Plan nor our insurance covers personal items.


HA4K reserves the right to exclude any child for any reason at its absolute discretion, including persistent late collection. No refund will be made for days missed and no compensation will be made for any other costs or losses incurred as a result.

Programme and Activities

From time to time we may need to amend our activities, services, dates and venues for reasons, within or outside our control. In these circumstances parents may choose to transfer to another HA4K site and/or alternative dates as advertised at that time by HA4K, subject to other conditions contained herein.

Under no circumstances will there be a refund or compensation given to the customer. Please note that not all activities appear on the timetable daily, therefore if you are booking individual days we cannot guarantee specific activities on particular days. Swimming is offered free of charge (Trent College only), and is subject to pool availability. 

Sports Plus coaching days

Those children booking a Sports Plus session, will take part in a full day of sports specific coaching, skills, drills and competitions, between 9.30am and 3.00pm. They will not participate in other activities provided by HA4K staff during these times. Children will not swim if booked on a Sports Plus coaching day. Children booking our Sports Plus Football session will be required to bring their own football boots and shin pads.

Participant Behaviour

If children behave inappropriately or refuse to take part in activity sessions, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child.

Policies and Procedures

Copies of HA4K policies and procedures are held at camp and Central Office and are available on request.


HA4K is committed to ensuring every child has such an amazing experience they can’t wait to come back. If you or your child are not entirely satisfied with the service we provide, then we want to be the first to know. If there’s a problem while your child is still at the camp we can almost always resolve it. If we hear of a problem after a child has left camp we will take great care to look into the matter, but cannot change the situation after the event, so please talk to the Camp Manager promptly if you have any complaint. If your child is still at camp and the problem persists please contact our Customer Services Team at our Central Office. If the problem is still not resolved, please write to our Customer Services Team within 10 days of your child’s last day with us. You can be assured that your complaint will be taken very seriously.

Refunds and compensation will only be made if HA4K is proven to have been in breach of these terms and conditions, and it is proven further that they were not capable of remedying that breach and as a result the child was withdrawn from the camp.

Data Protection

HA4K acts as a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. To process your booking we need to collect personal details about you and all the children on your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to pass on these details.

Additionally, we would like to hold and use some of your details for future marketing purposes, for example, sending you HA4K promotional information. Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not want to receive future mailings from HA4K.